Antique jewellery needs special care

Antique jewellery represents a gone-by era and gives a historic and traditional touch to one’s outlook. It feels pride to own and wear antique designs but at the same time it needs consistent care. The time has arrived when these antique pieces can be bought online too. Buying gold or silver jewellery online is much more cost-effective. Antique rings, bangles, necklaces and brooches need a special care so as to maintain their lustre for a long period of time. In order to keep the jewellery in good condition, one needs to pay a careful attention to the place where it is kept. Ornaments are rarely so inexpensive that you may overlook the loss and can buy even more. They are the most treasured part of a woman’s attire. Jewellery completes women’s outlook and provides elegance.  

Antique gold and silver jewellery needs to be stored properly to avoid damaging tangles or scratches. More importantly, they should be kept separately as these items might lose lustre due to scratching. The chain of antique necklaces is breakable if snagged with other items.

You may purchase a box exclusively for the precious items of your old jewellery box. Hanging necklaces and bangles is not at all a wise option as it may lead to lengthening of some parts of your antique silver jewellery. Vintage jewellery may experience a damage due to several reasons like light, heat and moisture. Moisture makes the metal to corrode and hence it is harmful for any sort of jewellery.

Avoid wearing such items in the places like swimming pool and keep them away from moisture even. Also, always clean the jewellery before storing it. Even heat and light can also be damage it, so try storing your vintage items in cold but moisture-free places. Avoid direct sunlight as it alters the appearance of stones and metals. Antique jewellery should be kept in  soft pouches so as to protect them from severe damage.

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