Fashion Guide - To help you out in selecting right earrings?

Don’t you think dresses are incomplete without beautiful earrings? Off course yes! Earrings are the great fashion saviours which complete not only the look but also increase the beauty of the woman. Having a good and perfect pair of earring can help you out to look like a diva. Have you ever notice that even small size of earring can also provide your desired look? Different shapes of earrings can give you different look. But it’s more important to select a right piece that goes well with your face. Just imagine, yourself in long silver earrings which mostly suits on you instead of small studs that make your face look weird?

Well, all beautiful ladies, here is a great solution for all your problems before you buy earrings just keep some points in mind which can help you to increase your beauty. Your earrings and face have great connection with each other. So hopefully in this blog you can come to know about some good approaches for selecting right earrings according to your face shape.

Girls with round face

Girls with round shape have fuller cheeks, such type of woman have more surface across their cheekbones. Women with round face look great with drop earrings and long danglers. You can even put long silver earrings in your choice. Round face women should avoid wearing small studs as this can make them look weird. With long earrings, you can balance your face roundness and can increase your elegance.

Girls with Heart Shape Face

Women with heart shape have wider forehead than their cheeks. You can balance your face cut and grabs attention by styling yourself with teardrop earrings. Try to choose the piece which has elongated curves that can help out to draw attention to cheekbones, eyes and jaw lines. Such type of women looks fabulous in the chandelier, teardrop or dangle earrings.

Girls with square face

Woman with a square face can choose the designs which are in rounded form. For such woman’s it is better to go with choices like dangling piece, elongated or hoop earrings. If women want to add extra drama to look, they can prefer oversized hoops which brush ups the jaw line. Hoops thus make the face look smaller and increase the women beauty. Such women should avoid wide earrings.

Girls with narrow face

Pearl earrings go well with a narrow face which helps in minimizing the face length. Long earrings silver and clustered pearl earrings which dangle below earlobe are also the good choice. But just make sure long earrings minimize the face length which is very narrow. While selecting, the dangle earrings choose the piece which has elongated curves which increase the beauty of your cheekbones. You can even purchase long earrings silver from online shopping websites.

Girls with diamond shape face

Woman with such face cut should look earrings that are long and have elegant curves. These pieces of earrings will increase the face appearance.

Since, it depends on the personal style and choice, but earrings choose according to face shape will highlight your natural shape of the face and boost up your features. 

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