Innovative Ways Of Wearing Your Silver Pendant

Silver jewellery can prove out to be versatile if you wear it in innovative ways. This will impact your personality as well as give you a new look apart from your daily get up. There are innumerable ways in which you can enhance yourself with the help of silver pendants. Silver pendants can be worn with gold plated silver chains, silver bracelet for women, and silver necklaces. Silver is proved as long lasting because sterling silver is durable and is mixed with metal alloys which protects them from tarnishing.

Silver pendants if worn in different styles can leave you elegant and beautiful. A silver pendant attached to short velvet ribbon will flaunt your personality while a silver pendant on leather will give you a trendy look and of course if it is used with sterling silver chain then no one can question its exquisite charm.

Bracelets are also one of the companions of your silver pendants. They are one of the most versatile type of accessory to be worn by men or women both. You can use your silver pendant with your bracelet this will give you a new and unique look and will make your bracelet visible to the public. Further you can remove the pendant later and again put it back on your necklace. The best thing about this style is the it will go with a casual jeans and shirt too.

The other accessory which can accompany is a hoop earring. If you are a fashion lover and want something innovative in your daily style then use your pendant with the hoop earrings. But check that the pendant is not very heavy and will not cause you discomfort. You can use small pendants with the earrings. This style will help you look different from the public and will decorate your day with compliments.

For more updated look tie your pendant with anklet. This is a trendy way too. They will look best when you are wearing shorts or dress up to knee. They will let your anklets be visible with a little silver pendant and this combination will again surround you with compliments.


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