The Best-Retained Silver Cleaning Secret Ever!

We all have a pile of twisted jewelry in our home that requires some serious attention. Most of this jewelry get tarnished as they remain out of the circulation for a few months. Recently I checked my collection which contains charms, Silver bracelet for women, rings and a few pair of earrings. Most of them had lost their shine and shimmering silver color due to whatever chemical reaction.

Since I have invested a good amount in those little beauties, I obviously can’t see them dying like this. And hence, I decided to find a better way to save their life, looks, and shine. I researched for the best and the most effective ways of cleaning silver and gold plated silver ornaments which should provide me with exceptional results. 

I cleaned almost every trinket available in my house with those amazing methods and tricks and the results were simply amazing. I used different combinations of techniques for my jewelry but ended up appreciating few of the magical ones which I am going to recommend to all. 

However, remember that this technique works specifically for silver and don’t try it on other metals as the results are uncertain.

silver bracelet for women

Things required:

1) Boiling water
2) Baking soda
3) White salt
4) White vinegar
5) Tinfoil
7) Polishing cloth/microfiber cloth

1)    Boil the water and line the bottom of the utensil with the tinfoil while it is simmering up. Add salt and baking soda and let it diffuse in the water. Now, add vinegar slowly to the liquid and let everything blend up properly. Try not to have the remains or granules in the liquid as they might cause scratches to your favorite jewelry.

2)    Take out the boiling water in another utensil and gently add each piece of your delicate jewelry to it. Let it settle for the chemical reaction to work on it and toss it after a while to ensure that both sides of the jewelry get exposure to the tinfoil.

3)    After an hour, take out your jewelry carefully and use your polishing cloth to buff it gently. You will see how the original shine of your jewelry is coming back after the tarnish disappeared.

Try it and give your jewelry the care and love it deserved!


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