The unspoken benefits of silver

Something doesn’t sound right with the title, isn’t? Well, the author means it! Yes silver, the lusty white metal has definitely got to do something without health. In theory, that doesn’t mean one has to eat a spoon of silver a day, but the molecular level properties of silver stand in favor of human uses. Silver is one favorite choice in medical therapies due to their long lasting inertness. They are one commonly uses metals in bone replacement, dentistry etc. Most commonly a bio-acceptable silver-titanium alloy is a perfect combination for themost medical application. Pure silver is even improvised to a wearable form thus it can have certain metabolic advantages on thehuman body. Let us jump into thelittle depth of details. 
How silver helps us?
Ancient Egyptian also used silver along with gold, where gold had an upper hand being the precious jewelry, but what was it with silver there? It was those health benefits that made silver popular then. As of medical interest silver has strong anti-microbial property, which helps eradicate microbes from the scene. Moreover, it is also used in to prevent cold and flu, in the context of therapeutic use. Wound care, healing, disinfecting are some extended uses in the medical field. But wearing a fancy silver necklace doesn’t do any miracle; instead, it has to be stripped down to its basic molecular form in order to be incorporated on to themedical application.
Silver in textiles
The latest study revealed that silver in textiles would more than enough benefit than making it jewelry. The scope arises from the fact that, silver is highly electroconductive which helps maintain a balanced charge in on the body. Moreover positively charged silver ions reflect any outside charges and EMR or radiations, thus protecting the body. You can buy silver coated gloves that have industrial as well as daily life application, which can be used while handling electronics.
Astrology and silver
India, the astrological hub in the world is one great market for silver jewelry. According to the belief, cosmic bodies have an indirect effect on human lives, such that inorder to keep the energy balanced metals and precious stones are being worn. Silver is one perfect candidate in this category, where silver rings, silver bracelets, gold plated silver, etc. are bring used widely. Women are asked to wear the silver necklace in order to conduit an energy channel for the unborn, where the new life gets sprouting inside the womb gets a balanced.
Though scientific relevancy is subjected to debates, many Indians follow the culture and tradition, as a part of which silver jewelry is very important and more like a precious metal! The technological intervention made the online market get a growth boom day by day with sales of silver jewelry, with an extended eye towards cultural importance. Both men and women use silver jewelry around the world, thus making it a versatile jewelry metal with an advantage of easy availability and cheap price.


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