4 Proposal Ideas Your Fiancée Will Love

There are many guys who will contest about getting a ring and they may have their reasons that they consider valid. There are those who think it is a complete waste of resources while others say it is because they hate ceremony. This is all well when you are alone but when you are in a relationship, there are compromises that have to be made.
Getting married is no easy decision and you have to think carefully before deciding. If and when you finally decide, it would definitely be because you believe you have found that special one. That is why you have to do something special for her on the engagement. Even if you don’t get that fashion jewelry you can buy silver pendants and you know she has always wanted, you can make the engagement night a memorable one. Get creative and so something out of the box. You know the surprise will be better if you can take her by surprise.
Arrange a romantic dinner
This will not any other romantic dinner. It is a special one for a special lady. Arrange for a violinist who will play her special song when the time is right. Arrange the other logistics with the hotel management. When food is ordered, arrange for the ring to be brought instead. You can then go down on your knees in front of other diners and make that proposal. You can be sure the other diners will cheer you on.
Use her work colleagues
If you know she is very close to her colleagues at work. You can arrange to have a small display of love at her work place preferably during lunch hour. Pop in unexpectedly into her office and make the proposal on your knees before her colleagues. She will love you even more for this.
Arrange a party for family and friends
Arrange with your family and your lady’s family to attend a party in which you will make a declaration of love. Fashionable and stylish silver earrings are the best option. The idea about this is to make a proposal as intimate as possible. When you go the extra mile to get all her loved ones together, this is enough to tell her what your feelings for her are. When you prepare this intimate diner, make sure to be discrete so that she does not suspect anything.
Act out a scene and mix it with her favorite film
When you know her best movie, you can arrange to watch films together. Before the film time, go to an editing studio and record your proposal. You can then have the video producer insert your proposal somewhere into the film. Preferably about 10 minutes into the film, your slot should be live and direct. There are many more attractive and interesting ideas that you can use to propose someone. You just need to go online and try to search best proposal ideas on the web.


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