Accessories: Must For The Fancy Costumes

It has never been so easy to change yourself into a new character and change your personality but with the help of fancy dress costumes. They are available in all the shapes and sizes with a wide range of choices. It’s true that without wearing appropriate accessories your costumes can’t be complete. For example if you choose a Cinderella dress without her shoes, it is meaningless to put those costumes as it is inappropriate. Similarly, you can’t come up as Santa without his cap and white eyebrows or a witch without a hand wand and a hat. So, accessories go hand in hand with the costume. You may buy or rent a fancy costume depending on the occasion and your budget.

Most of the stores that sell fancy dress costumes keep the matching accessories together with the costume to make it easier for customers to choose and buy from a single place and avoid unnecessary searching. Here is a list of accessories related to different themes and must not be missed.

Fairy tales
This theme includes pretty dresses. It is important to take care in the selection of the right shoe for the princess as it enhances the look of the costume. Another important accessory is the wand in your hand with padded ends to protect from harming yourself and others. Think more about silver earrings that will add attraction to your dress. If it is covered with ribbon with stars at the top glittering and sparkling will give the proper image of a fairy. If you want to purchase best matching silver jewelry, try to purchase Indian jewellery online.

 For a pirate look putting on a skeleton suit with the pirate costume will be a great idea. And without an eye patch, you cannot think of a pirate. You can also depict pirates’ image from the latest movie Pirates of the Caribbean which can be very attractive and provocative.

If you want to make an impression like of ‘back to the future’ in a fancy dress party, you have few mind blowing options. Coming up with the idea of Marty MacFly costumes is the coolest of all. Is depicts a typical image of a 80s fancy dress costumes. A body warmer, Nike sneakers, a skateboard, headphone with a an old style Walkman, faded denim jeans, a pale shirt and braces for your teeth, nothing else can match up to the such a classic retro look. You may look like a geek, but acting cool in this costume will attract many people, and you are going to make a fortune with the best girls in the party as they get kinky with something like that.


Fancy accessories are impossible to imagine without wigs. You can get wigs for any theme with a very low price. Another thing that comes with the wig is the makeup part. Depending on the theme, you can choose a face paint or a greasepaint which are easy to remove and harmless to the skin due to additives. It’s the makeup and other accessories that complete your outfit.


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