What should you take to a baby shower?

Baby showers are really interesting and when you have to put together a gift for baby even more exciting. Sometimes you can be lost for what to do especially when you have not been a mum before. If you are one of those lost for what to take to a baby shower, find below some of gift ideas you may find interesting.

Sometimes you may be confused on what a new mother will really want. You may have the best baby gift hampers in the world but is this exactly what will please the new mother? To help you make the best decision, find below some ideas for baby showers that your friend, sister or daughter will love.

If you are a very close relative like a sister or even a mother to the pregnant woman, you can put together clothes you wore as a baby. If you are the mother of the woman who is pregnant, you can put together the clothes she wore as a baby and send it to her as a gift. Along with clothes you can put oxidised silver jewellery, which will be a wonderful gift.

Gift card
When you are lost for what to buy for the baby shower, get a gift card from one of the shops around. Your friend will love you for that. This will permit them get what they actually need at the store.

Emergency diaper bag
An emergency diaper bag that contains diapers, diaper creams lotions and other medicines. This bag can be placed in the car for those times when they need something at short notice.

Baby books
Another great idea is to pay for child books at the local bookshop. By this the baby will be sure to have some fun books right from when it is born.

Special journal
Offer your friend or sister a blank book in which they can record everyday of their pregnancy. They can also continue to write after the baby is born. They can record every milestone as the days go by.

Memento box
Get a beautifully decorated box that can be used to store mementos for the baby right after it is born. This kind of box can be hand crafted or store bought. To customize it, get baby stickers and flowers and place all over the basket. You can also choose beautifully created silver pendants. When you gift a beautifully crafted pendant to someone he/she will keep it safe for long as a cherished memory.

Bouncy baby seat
This is a great gift that can be used for those times when mother is busy cooking or bathing. The baby can be placed in the bathroom or anywhere near the mother as she gets busy. This will help mother keep an eye on baby at all times.

These are just some great ideas to explore when you are thinking to going to a baby shower. Alternatively, get a baby gift hamper that is well stocked with a variety of baby products.


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