How to buy jewellery the smart way

When it comes to jewellery, we tend to automatically think about gold and diamonds and the tons of money one piece of jewellery can cost. But, what we forget is, that there are lots of types of jewellery and you don’ t have to rob a bank just to get some fantastic looking pieces for a reasonable or even lower price. Here are some tips and tricks for you as to how to find low-budget jewellery which looks great and even has some value.
Tip Nr 1: Choose silver jewellery
Silver is a precious metal yet it’s cheaper than gold and it’s anti allergenic as well as being the shiniest of all precious metals used for jewellery making. You don’t need a lot of money to buy quality silver jewellery and you still buy value. With this, let’s also emphasise the fact that silver jewellery goes excellent with dresses or outfits of any tone, especially with black. This is what makes silver some of the most versatile metals used for jewellery making out there. Some of the hottest trends today include long earrings silver, hoop earrings, necklaces and beautifully handcrafter rings. This metal looks awesome with semi-precious stones such as turquoise and gemstones such as emerald. There are several online jewellery stores offering an extensive range of silver jewellery, so don’t hesitate, check them out.
Tip Nr. 2: when you are crazy for gold but have no funds to buy the real deal
The cheapest and simplest solution is to go for gold plated jewellery. As there are low-budget jewellers, who tend to use just any metals for gold plating, look for specifically one which deals with gold plated silver jewellery, as it’s much healthier and less riskier, then getting just any metal, you may even be allergic to. Also, if the gold plating gets old, all you have to do is get it cleaned and you still have an impeccable silver piece of jewellery. It’s a real win-win.
Tip Nr. 3: go for low-karat gold
When we think about gold, we automatically think of the huge 24 karat chains or the large Indian bridal jewellery which is also made out of high karat gold, when possible. We often tend to forget that 24 karat gold is so soft it’s close to unwearable and it’s certainly not a practical neither a cheap choice. If you have to think of getting anything gold plated, you should look for a jeweller offering 9-14 karat gold jewellery. You will be surprised how much cheaper these cost when compared to the mainstream brands and you still get proper gold for your money.
Tip Nr. 4: Look for an Indian jewellery store online
While Indian jewellers offer some of the most beautiful high quality golden jewellery, they are still considered to be the cheapest and offer the best deals in terms of value for price rating. All you need to pay attention to for the jeweller to be respectable certified, with a good reputation and having good reviews.


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