Look Beautiful with Right Fashion Jewelry

If you have unique handmade silver jewelry in your collection then it is the impelling and easiest ways to make any look marvelous. Choosing some unparalleled jewelry pieces is not like choosing your ensemble. Actually, some stylists feature your overall collection of jewelry as a wardrobe, as your jewelry is only as expensive as the ensembles you have. Same as a picture frame draws attraction and completes to the photo within, selecting the suitable jewelry improves your most essential features.
What is the excellent way to wear the jewelry like silver anklets? Your existing jewelry collection will help you cut down pieces which look dated, and more notably, offers you with a deep feeling of what catches attention to you and your comfort zone. Over the period of time, probably you have developed a skill of dislikes and preferences, supporting expensive gold over silver or designer silver necklaces over earrings.
As a thumb rule, grays, redheads, and brunettes must wear unique silver handmade jewelry, even as blondes look best in copper and gold. In case warm colors attract you, using gold would work extremely well. Girls or women with black hair generally look good in all these: gold, silver and copper. However, there are not any clear rules. In case you completely love silver and you are a brunette, redhead, or a gray, blond and like copper or gold, you should go for it!

 Never mix and match styles. A modern silver cuff does not look right matching with filigree earrings heirloom gold. Select same earring set and bracelet or two similar necklaces even seems divine. Until now, it was verboten to merge metals. It was one of those ancient standards that only some designers now ignore. The thing is if you wish to merge metals, keep same the style of your silver jewelry. A simple chain hammered necklace of silver and gold, or copper and silver links looks completely striking and is very attractive. Combining necklaces or bracelets even lends completely to the combination of metals. You can also mix square or round rings or bangles in different shades of gold, copper or silver.
When managing your jewelry to your clothing, if you are wearing one or more than one color, your fashion accessories must counterbalance the whole ensemble. Like, if you are using red and black, you must have a similar amount of red fashion accessories (usually coral or garnets) and black fashion accessories (black onyx or silk scarf). Select similar color palate for assured success. You can also wear ruby or garnet earrings with a red color top, or a sapphire or blue topaz –drawled pendant or necklace with your desired blue dress. Confirm your special handmade fashion jewelry is relevant for the event or occasion that you will be using it to.
Just keep in mind that often worn jewelry must match well with your complete wardrobe and should reflect your personal style. Give this look when selecting new pieces to develop to your handcrafted jewelry collection.


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