The advantages and characteristics of silver jewelry

Silver jewellery is often times overlooked behind gold in popularity but silver jewellery has some very interesting specifics which make it worthwhile to shop. Let’s look into silver jewellery this time around.

Silver jewellery :

Silver has been used for creating jewellery back in the ancient times already, especially in regions which were and are naturally rich in silver resources such as India or Northern Africa. Ancient tribes have been using silver for centuries to create tribal and especially wedding jewellery for their women. 

Characteristics : 

Silver comes in many shapes and forms. The clearest sort of silver is called Sterling Silver and it has a silver content of over 90% . Silver is much similar to gold in nature which means, that in its absolute clear state it cannot be used for the creation of durable jewellery as it’s too soft for that. This is why the silver has to be mixed with another material which can give it enough density. These materials include copper or brass most commonly. As the mixed in quantity is so tiny, you will not see any change in quality or color. 

Silver has been widely used for the creation of pendants, rings, bracelets, silver bracelets for men, rings of all sorts and in the creation of costume jewellery too. Antique pieces of silver jewellery can be quite pricey, especially if they have an intricate design and if they also include one or more precious gemstones. Not many people know, but silver is in fact the shiniest precious metals out there, even outshining white gold when its adequately polished and cleaned. Antique silver often has a greenish patina which can either signify the age or simply the fact that the jewellery was not kept at a closed place and was not cleaned adequately. 

How to find out if it’s real silver?

All the real silver or Sterling Silver jewellery has to have a hallmark stamped on its back or on its side. On bracelets and rings the hallmark is generally found stamped on the side that’s inside. The most commonly used hallmarks include 925, Silver, 800, Sterling. The numbers 925 and 800 generally serve to show you the silver content of the jewellery that can range between 92,50% to 80%. Lower silver content makes the jewellery an inexpensive costume jewellery. 

Online silver jewellery stores

Today you can get all the Sterling silver jewellery you want in any of the reputable online jewellery stores. No matter you want to buy rings or silver bracelet for men, there is a great variety of sterling silver jewellery to choose from.

Not only is silver jewellery extremely versatile and can be worn with practically any sort of a dress silver also has soothing and healing qualities other precious metals don’t have. Also, silver is literally hypo-allergenic, therefore it’s widely worn by those allergic to gold.

Male bracelets made out of silver are available in several style from laid back to flashy. Choose the style which you think fits best for its future wearer. 


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