Interesting and good to know facts about sterling silver jewellery

Silver jewellery may not be as highly regarded as gold jewellery but some cultures and many people prefer buying silver jewellery to gold. Some cultures, for instance the Islamic cultures also highly advise people not to wear explicit quantities of gold, if any and male Muslims should also not wear gold as marital jewellery. Let’s introduce you to some interesting information about silver which is good to know before buying Sterling silver jewellery

1. Pure silver is not suitable for wearing as jewellery
Similarly to gold, silver is also not suitable to be worn as a jewellery in 100% pureness. That’s why it’s generally mixed with other alloys in low percentage, especially copper for it to add an additional support for the jewellery for it to be more durable. 

2. Sterling silver is the purest form of silver in jewellery
Today, the most expensive and purest form of silver to be sold in form of jewellery is the Sterling Silver can get up to 92,5% of pureness. You wouldn't realize the added copper as it’s so low in percentage, it really only serves to make silver harder and durable, to keep its shape and form for a long amount of time.

3. How much does it worth?
The value of a silver jewellery really depends on the age of the jewellery, the intricacy of its design the value of the added stones, the shaping and forming of the jewellery and the overall outlook rather than the actual pureness of the metal itself, however if you want to buy the highest quality, then we would definitely suggest you to go for Sterling silver jewellery. The most valuable jewellery can be either antique, vintage or contemporary collectible in type. 

4. How to best recognize Sterling Silver? 
Silver and gold jewellery has to be marked with the hallmark of the jewellery maker. Sterling silver generally bears the following hallmarks: 925 (standing for 92.5% pureness), Silver, 800 (also referencing purity levels) and Sterling. The hallmark of the actual jewellery maker can or should also be stamped in the jewellery. Branded jewellery can only contain the hallmark of the brand. You should turn to an appraiser if your jewellery looks old.

5. Silver is the shiniest precious metal
When cleaned and polished properly silver jewellery outshines gold and platinum as well. This is a quality not many know about, but which makes silver all the more alluring to wear, not to mention its great versatility when worn with any colour and style of outfit.

6. It’s luckier
Silver is considered luckier to wear than gold in many cultures. Also for religious reasons Muslim men for instance cannot wear golden jewellery, as the Islam is saying that wearing gold is all too relealing regarding someone’s wealth while spiritual wealth would be the one that’s more important. 

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