What you need to know about silver oxidized jewellery

Silver is a precious metal which is highly popular in jewellery making. There are several reasons for that, starting from it being the shiniest precious metals of all, to offering several health benefits to its wearer. It is no wonder, that there are many who prefer wearing silver to golden jewellery all around the world. 

Silver has another interesting quality, which can be partly thanked to its own composition and partly to its additional copper or bronze content: its high tendency to become oxidized. The chemical process of oxidization can be compared to the process of corroding and it’s basically a process which generates as the metal’s molecules react to getting in touch with the oxygen and other substances which are the natural content of the air we breathe in.

About oxidization and its possible benefits :

The corroding would make the silver turn considerably darker. This would make any embedded stones (precious or semi-precious) to add an additional antique sort of a glow to the respective piece. Stones such as turquoise, opal, topaz, jasper, malachite or jade look especially outstanding being featured in silver oxidised jewellery

The corroding can be easily stopped by purifying the silver either with natural substances such as vinegar and salt to other chemical substances such as toothpaste, which has proven to be extremely successful when it comes to the quick cleaning of silver. However, according to recent trends, people tend to like to leave silver jewellery oxidized, as it can add an extra patina to the jewellery’s overall look.

Today, there are numerous online jewellery stores offering silver oxidized jewellery for sale. The oxidized outlook has the tendency to make any piece of jewel appear quite old or even antique. However, you need to be extremely careful and not go easily for statements which represent oxidized jewellery as antique or vintage. The process of oxidization can happen even in a matter of days, therefore it would be far fetching to assume, that oxidized jewellery has a higher tendency to be an antique piece than any other nicely cleaned silver jewellery. 

About gold plated silver jewellery and its advantages :

Buying gold plated silver jewellery is also becoming overly trendy. First of all, because it looks just like pure gold but it’s sold for a much lower price, second of all, it’s also popular for the fact that even when the gold plate starts to wear off, you are not left with a worthless aluminium piece of fashion jewellery but with a nicely shining silver jewellery. It’s more like a revival and not the end of that specific piece.

Some of the most popular pieces of oxidized jewellery include larger handcuffs, bangles, statement necklaces with large ornaments and rings. Don’t forget, that despite the fact you get to buy them in a corroded state, you can restore them to their previous shining beauty in a matter of minutes. 
  • Handling and care : It is also important to note, that oxidized pieces of jewellery have a larger tendency to leave marks on the skin and on the dress you are wearing them with. It is also not advised to store oxidized jewellery next to freshly polished ones, as oxidization, just like rotting is virulent. It can transfer fast and make the polished pieces oxidise much faster too. Every buyer of oxidized jewellery are also advised to polish their piece of jewel from time to time, to avoid the long-time corroding to affect its overall quality.


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