The most popular bracelet styles

There are tons of different bracelets out there and many of these do have their respective names and have their ways of wearing. Today, there is a great variety of gold and silver bracelet for men and women on offer on the internet. But what style should you choose for yourself? Let’s introduce you to the world of bracelets and fashionable jewellery both for men and for women. 
Bangles : Bangle is one of the most ancient types of jewellery. Its wearing dates back to the ancient Greek and Roman times. The typical bangle is made out of a hard material that can be slipped over the wrist. The most fashionable bangles are pretty big. This way, they can be richly decorated even with stones. Bangles can be even made out of light wood. 

Cuff bracelet : Cuffs are also ancient types of jewellery which were worn around the wrist. The earliest cuffs were worn in 9th century Byzantium. The most typical characteristic of a cuff is, that it’s worn either around or above the wrist, it’s tighter than a bangle and it is generally open on the underside, this way it makes possible to be set to fit on multiple widths of wrist.  Jewel encrusted cuffs are extremely popular. They also often made out of Sterling silver.

Line bracelet : Similarly to chain bracelets the line bracelets are made out of the interlinking of multiple modules of the same size. This is a flexible sort of a bracelet and the modules can also contain stones to make them look even shinier. 

Chain bracelets : The chain bracelet is one of the most popular sort of a bracelet made for men. The size of chains can be of any size from tiny to larger interlinking chains. They look great when made out of gold or silver. 

Torc bracelet : The wearing of torc bracelets dates back to the ancient Egyptian times. Torc looks similar to cuffs but it’s typically made out of base metals the body of which is twisted. The two open ends are often capped or can end in a cube or ball-like shape. 

Temple bracelet : This is a typical Indian style bracelet which is one of the most popular style of bracelets in India. Temple bracelets got their names from the fact that their design is inspired by temple wall murals, temple sculptures and paintings and they represent a piece which is worn by a Hindu god. This is why temple bracelets always look beautiful and they are richly decorated with coloured gemstones too. 

Torsade bracelets : These are also ancient types of bracelets first seen on Egyptian murals. The style of bracelet is very unique, it’s made out of several strands of beads or even chains which are twisted together to make one whole together. Modern types can also be made out of elastic materials. 
Beaded bracelets : one of the most typical types of bracelets which can be made out of anything that can be beaded from pearls to plastic balls. These are always in and out of style. Nowadays, men’s bracelets are often made out of beads made out of elastic materials. 

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